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Monday, 16 September 2019

New welding catalogue!

Highlights: mobile laser system – comprehensive range of accessories – new helmets and safety goggles

Bergisch Gladbach, 27th August 2019 – The new welding catalogue from joke Technology comprises 20 pages more with all imaginable tips for correct welding as well as the right materials, accessories and equipment. The approximately 1,600 products are more neatly laid out in a new structure - so every user can quickly find the right solution for the respective technical task. The 88-page catalogue can be ordered from joke in print or be downloaded as a PDF

Many new features and complete solutions 

joke Technology remains true to its philosophy of always thinking one step ahead. This can be seen for example in the new ENESKAlaser mobile, which is designed for use on large and heavy workpieces. Particularly with complex geometries, the laser system scores points with its mobility and makes accurate work easier (watch the video here).

Further support is provided by the 200-joule pulse energy, as well as the comprehensive accessories such as the rotatable 360° optics or magnetic clamping balls for smaller workpieces. The complete sets for preparing and finishing demonstrate joke’s claim to quality.

The accessories have what it takes for laser welding. The tungsten grinding device and the “joke Fill” welding filler series for the highest requirements are heavily in demand. In addition, there are various innovations for workplace equipment and user protection such as automatic welding helmets and laser safety goggles, which are also suitable for spectacle wearers.

Comprehensive service – ranging from welding demonstrations, including deliverability to training 

All welding fillers are in stock in the warehouse and can be delivered within 24 hours. This helps to reduce downtimes. joke Technology is often directly on the customers’ premises with the welding van to demonstrate the different welding techniques and equipment (appointments by telephone at 02204 839-0). The surface specialists gladly share their knowledge during in-house and out-house training courses on welding with TIG, multiSpot or laser.

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EMO, Hannover (Germany)
16. - 21. September

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25. - 26. September

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05. - 08. October 2019
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