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Friday, 02 August 2019

ENESKArobotics - intelligent robot for deburring, grinding & polishing tasks

Now at last there is a solution for automated surface finishing work in serial production! joke Technology has developed an intelligent robot for deburring, grinding and light polishing tasks.

The key feature here: instead of being a device, it is a complete concept that derives the working stages and the appropriate design from the desired result. The surface specialists have invested their entire expertise here. The result is a cobot (or collaborative robot) that can be easily taught and takes over the working stages that are monotonous or critical in ergonomic or health terms.


A surface finish is required in many production processes. An increase in the number of these workpieces that need deburring, grinding or polishing may have several consequences. The users must on the one hand constantly repeat the same movements, which is ergonomically detrimental (keyword: neck-shoulder-arm syndrome). The health risk increases, particularly when processing materials that release hazardous dusts. Ultimately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find qualified personnel for these demanding production stages, above all if they are only required occasionally or on the other hand if they resemble routine production line activities.

Furthermore, quality may vary or even decrease during the course of production when postprocessing is performed by hand. ENESKArobotics offers a reliable and reproducible solution to this problem, ultimately allowing more attention to detail to be paid to finishing.

Cobot with 6 axes and 5 tools
ENESKArobotics has been completely designed and developed by joke. The basic system at the Moulding Expo is a six-axis robot with five different drives for various working stages (grinding, polishing or deburring). These can be linear, rotating, for internal or external surfaces, involving brushes, files or milling tools. ENESKAmicro control units are used here as the drive system. The robot can guide the tool or the workpiece - both options are possible. The major advantage of a cobot: it assists and collaborates with the user. Protective devices are not as a rule required, as the robot is automatically deactivated if it touches a person.

Easy to teach, also via CAD or reference points
Training the cobot in the movements it needs to perform can be performed by the customer alone or by the experts from joke. In addition to the guided movements, it is also possible to read in CAD drawings or define reference points. The device can be retrofitted with a camera system and can thus be used for new and additional processing stages.

Just like these, each ENESKArobotics has its own concept. “This provides our customers the opportunity to delegate unpleasant or hazardous working stages to the machine”, explains project manager Jürgen Meyer. “In discussions with customers, we have always asked: what can a robot do on your behalf? “Dirty or monotonous work; that would be ideal”, is usually the answer!”

Robotic assistance as a solution to personnel bottlenecks
There are generally few newcomers to deburring and machining and the sickness rate is quite high owing to the ergonomically demanding tasks. “These tasks are often tiring or harmful to health”, explains joke Managing Director Udo Fielenbach. At the same time, demand is growing as a result of the introduction of additive manufacturing. Accordingly, many companies are faced with shortages in personnel. “With ENESKArobotics, we are giving companies, for example in the field of implants, the opportunity to employ their experts for important roles and crucial quality tests”, says Fielenbach, outlining the vision. “The future of surface finishing is collaborative!”

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