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Polishing courses

The surface quality and precision of a mould are decisive for the quality of the non-cutting shaped workpiece, but also however for tool life. Add to this the fact that the manufacturing costs are influenced to a considerable extent by the high demands on the tool surface. This is because the skill of polishing involves observance of a precise geometric shape, while simultaneously achieving a mirror finish with a low surface roughness.

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Exhibition dates

EMO, Hannover (Germany)
16. - 21. September

TIV, Hardenberg (the netherlands)
17. - 19. September

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The next courses

Polishing courses:

17. - 18. September 2019
Halle (Germany)

07. - 08. October 2019
Bergisch Gladbach (Germany)

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Welding courses:

05. - 08. October 2019
Bergisch Gladbach (Germany)

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