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Team repair service

“Listen to that! Who’s hammering away?“ But not with our tools, unless they are down the drain! Sometimes the Repair Team could do with an extra pair of hands, especially when everything needed to be repaired “yesterday”. They don’t want to hurry when it comes to creating quality; accuracy and carefulness are what is needed. Markus, Hermann-Josef and Herbert – three experts at the “operating table” of precision engineering and electrical engineering, but also for larger-scale applications – if they must... Ilona is the one who’s pulling all the strings and keeps the boys in good humour.

Dieter Lucht

For him, no summit is too high and no challenge too great. Dieter feels at home everywhere in the world and and always knows precisely where he is, long after every GPS has given up. Nowadays, though, he travels the trade fairs of this planet. His experience and surefootedness have prevented many a deadly plunge. That’ s why Dieter´s polishing courses are acknowledged everywhere and his “box of tricks” for the hardest polishing challenges has a well-deserved reputation. He is the prehistoric rock of our craft. As a climber, he knows that reliability and comradeship save lives.

Peter Grünewald

As an enthusiastic family man, he is on the go 24 hours a day; he always takes care of others and is as solid as a rock. And it’s the same when he is working for JOKE®: Just like at home, he always keeps his cool when things get hot. With 20 years in the industry, “Grüni“ always has the answer.

Hanns-Friedrich Kettenbaum

Kb, as he is known as, always has thousands of thoughts and visions in his head. Good job he has his music, where he can let off some steam. We don’t mind if he blows us a tune from time to time. One of his recent wisdoms: “Anyone can listen to music, but if you can feel it, it will touch your soul“. Interesting point – let’s talk about feelings: We agree that – technology or not – passion and commitment is what counts. It‘s a case of (professional) life imitating art with JOKE®.

Team Export

Danny and Christian - they are two home-grown JOKE® characters. Our partners all over Europe and worldwide are very close to their hearts. “Multicultural“ to them means not only a love for languages, but above all of people and their different mentalities. Almost no matter, which planet they are from...

Team sales

The “Backstage Squad“- nothing goes without them. Receivers at the ear, fingers on the keyboard and always full steam ahead. Whatever the field staff do on the “outside stage“, Renate, Doris, Franz-Josef I and Franz II always ensure that everything runs smoothly backstage.

Brigitte Wulf

“The Voice“. She is the voice of JOKE®. A true North German in the Rhineland and a politics graduate – a master of words and aesthetics. With her passion for literature, she is our source of knowledge and wisdom. We will let you into a secret: Our Frau Wulff likes singing and reciting poems, whenever she is not talking to you...

Stefan Spiegel

Everything extra-ordinary. This is probably the best description of our Product Manager Stefan Spiegel. He has almost at least as many hobbies and talents as there are JOKE® product groups. He is responsible for diamond tools, workplace systems, milling tools and lapping and polishing technology. He treats these with the same passion as he tackles each bend on his “moped“. Because he likes to ride at high speed – just like his diamond tools.

Alois Schülter

Yes, he’s alive! No – not Elvis, but Lederstrumpf. A locksmith by trade, Alois knows how to handle things and is the archetypical “handyman”. His time fiddling with his motorbike and doing “wheelies“ on the Isle of Man have stood him in good stead (or shall we say “steed”?). Today, he takes things a bit more quietly in his beloved canoe. His call sign: “Loisel, could you just ...“. And sure enough – he can.

Bernd Dörnen

This fellow combines a passion for nature and hunting with a love of all things steel and practical (“No, I make my own knives…”). But what appears so hard from the outside, has a very sensitive and highly delicate core. His roots and origin give him a very direct and straight-forward manner. Hence, we know that he is the perfect man for the position of Product Manager for cleaning systems, blasting pieces and repair welding (multiSpot). No big words, just simply experience and an honest do-it-yourself approach.

Team Lager

They are not only a team at work, but also at play – as members of the JOKE® football team. The boys like it hot, as things need to run smoothly to ensure that goods are always dispatched on time. Of course, there is the odd bad pass, too – but very rarely. Because they are a good team, they prefer well-aimed shots to badly commissioned goods. Captain: Bepin, keeper: “Loisl”, attack: Udo, Hermann-Jupp, Günther and Andy as the striker.

Martin Bons

We need a man of his calibre to be responsible for marketing, our catalogue and all the lovely surprises that JOKE® offers you. If it wasn’t for the stupid budget, he could really give his all. (S)Marty’s only regret: that he hasn’t got enough spare time for his passion – music. Be it behind his drum kit, more civilised behind the mixing desk or in his music room at home – music plays a big part in his life. A real talent, whose witty comments we really wouldn’t want to miss.


Exhibition dates

EMO, Hannover (Germany)
16. - 21. September

Kunststoffen (the netherlands)
25. - 26. September

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The next courses

Polishing courses:

07. - 08. October 2019
Bergisch Gladbach (Germany)

12. - 13. November 2019
Halle (Germany)

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Welding courses:

05. - 08. October 2019
Bergisch Gladbach (Germany)

06. - 08. November 2019
Halle (Germany)

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