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Tradition as the basis of a successful Future

Udo Fielenbach, Managing Director

Welcome to joke. We care about "brilliant solutions for perfect surfaces" for more than 70 years.

Our new catalogue let you discover it all: In addition to the best and largest range of goods in Europe with which you are familiar, it will also convey to you a good impression of the "joke spirit". A spirit that goes far beyond excellent products at favourable prices. Thinking and acting in a partnership-based manner were and remain the basis of the successful joke history during the past seven decades.

It is my personal aspiration to build the joke of the future on this foundation of the company’s tradition and values. A strong brand name with a rich history and full of innovative energy and an inquiring approach to new products and applications. A modern company that will constantly be striving to not only fulfil your wishes as our partners, but ideally surpass them.

My employees and I will work to this end in order to ensure that joke will also remain to a great extent unique in the future. Please support us with your suggestions and wishes on this journey into a modern future.


Exhibition dates

EMO, Hannover (Germany)
16. - 21. September

TIV, Hardenberg (the netherlands)
17. - 19. September

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The next courses

Polishing courses:

17. - 18. September 2019
Halle (Germany)

07. - 08. October 2019
Bergisch Gladbach (Germany)

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Welding courses:

11. - 13. September 2019
Bergisch Gladbach (Germany)

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